September 22, 2017


Railyard Leadville aims at creating a walkable, diverse, and sustainable neighborhood in Leadville, Colorado.

A network of interconnected green courts, public parks, and multi-use recreation corridors is provided as part of the Railyard Leadville design. This system will link to the Mineral Belt Trail (a 11.6 mile paved trail that loops the city of Leadville), and will provide access to surrounding roads. Buildings will be designed to maximize scenic vistas, provide private open spaces and generally enhance the surrounding environmental assets.

The streets are designed to provide sidewalks, tree lawns and limited curb cuts in layback curbs in order to create inviting and safe pedestrian places throughout the community. Alley-loaded homes are designed throughout the community to minimize vehicular traffic through pedestrian corridors and provide safe egress, ingress and loading space. All units are provided with off-street parking for residents and commercial spaces shall meet all local parking code requirements.

The proposed system of streets, alleys, and greens create an open and connected community. Railyard Leadville has opportunities for commercial uses closer to Poplar Street, which feather into residential uses that decrease in density towards the East.

A variety of homes will be offered. Mixed-use buildings transition to apartment buildings and compact townhomes at the entrance to the site. As you move towards the interior, townhomes give way to duplex and single family homes with larger lots, providing a variety of dwellings in a walkable, livable neighborhood.



Not only will Railyard Leadville have storefronts on site, it is also located six short blocks to the historic downtown Leadville which includes a brewery, restaurants, coffee shops, a hotel, and retail shops of all kinds.



The Railyard Leadville is dedicated to creating high quality and energy efficient homes.

The Railyard at Leadville is conceived with a holistic and responsible design approach. We aim to create a compact, walkable, and lovable neighborhood that promotes healthy lifestyles. We feel it is important to look at the larger social issues that our country faces, including carbon reduction, obesity, and social connections. We happily recognize that the City of Leadville addresses many sustainability goals with it’s well preserved downtown and are fortunate that the Railyard at Leadville is within walking distance to Leadville’s main street amenities. Lots and homes at the Railyard at Leadville are oriented to take advantage of solar exposure and views, creating opportunities for passive heating and a chance to take in the beauty of the surrounding landscape. We believe that some of these larger scale sustainability goals are sometimes overlooked as we become more technology-focused, but we feel that these timeless principles are great steps in the direction of creating sustainable lifestyles.

The design team also looks for opportunities to incorporate sustainable principles and technologies at the building scale. The homes at the Railyard at Leadville will demonstrate these ideals with systems and details that reduce material usage, operating costs, and carbon footprint. Each home will employ an advanced building envelope, high efficiency heating technologies and Energy Star’ appliances, rated to use less energy and save owners money. Recycling centers will be integrated into kitchen cabinetry, making it easier to recycle, and include storage for gear and personal items essential to high country living.


Railyard Leadville has stunning views of the Sawatch Mountain Range which includes Mount Massive (Elevation: 14,429 feet) and Mount Elbert (Elevation: 14,439 feet). The two highest peaks in Colorado.


One town, Two Ski Resorts. Ski Cooper known as the local’s ski resort is less than 20 minutes away. Copper Mountain is 25 minutes away.


Railyard Leadville is on The Mineral Belt Trail, one of Colorado’s highest and most spectacular paved pathways. This 11.6 mile trail loops the city of Leadville, traveling through aspen groves, conifer forests, wildflower meadows and open vista sage parks. The trail is designed for bicycles, walkers, wheelchairs, strollers, in-line skaters and  long-boarders. Wintertime enthusiasts will find the trail snowcat-groomed, affording freestyle and classic Nordic skiing, snowshoeing and winter biking.